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Use of Our Web Site

Click on the Subscriber Panel in the upper right corner of the screen to login to our website.

You can select your language as English or Turkish.

While logging in with your Username and Password, you can also select the category that you wish to be opened first when you enter the website.

The “Corporate” button under our logo contains general information about us.

If you click on the “Concluded Tenders” button, you will find the concluded tenders in our latest issue both in listed and pdf format.

Through the “Latest Issue” button, you can view the latest issue of our magazine in .pdf format.

Through the “Issue Archive” button, you can access all of our issues from the last ten years.

Through the “Search” button, you can search for articles in our magazine by entering the first three words (and by selecting
category and / or issues if necessary). In this section, you can filter your search options as “notices” or “results" depending on your needs.

You can also access the incentives (eg: 2019 April incentives) through the search button.

The front page opens with the category you have previously selected. You can also select other categories on the same page.

In each category, the first 9 articles appear in photos. For other articles of the same category, you need to click on the  “All articles” category at the bottom.




* The "Investment Projects" Section includes the first stages of public and private sector investments
(Planning, EIA, Projects at License Stage) and Investment Incentives.

* The "Survey-Design" Section includes Feasibility Study, Project Preparation, Engineering, Consultancy, Architecture tenders.

* The "Construction" Section includes all construction tenders such as construction, assembly, turnkey, etc.

* The "Machinery - Equipment - Materials" Section includes Machinery - Equipment - Material tenders.

* The "Operation" Section includes Privatization, Operation, Maintenance & Repair tenders.

* The "Abroad" Section includes Survey, Design, Construction, Machinery - Equipment - Material tenders opened abroad.

* The "Business" Section includes Important Economic data, Fair/Exhibition and Company News. (Only published on our website)


* Yatırımlar Magazine has been published since 1991 every Monday in Turkish and English.

Pre-tender preparations, announcements, invitations, prequalification studies, bids, developments and results are instantly featured on our website and covered in our hard copy "Yatirimlar" magazine on weekly basis.