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Turkish contractors among global top 225
Prş, 03 Eylül 2009

The number of Turkish contractor companies on Engineering News Record, or ENR's, list of the "Top 225 International Contractors," rose to 31 this year from 23 in 2008.

Based on the number of companies on the list, Türkiye replaced the United States and ranked second behind China, which has 50 companies in the list.

Many foreign contractors have been withdrawing from international markets. That is the main reason for Türkiye's success, said Erdal Eren, chairman of the Turkish Contractors Association, or TMB.

"The list forecast by the Turkish Contractors Association was once again confirmed. We have often claimed overseas business opportunities would rise in the crisis period, and that to widely benefit from these opportunities we should give priority to solutions to problems that reduce the competitive capacity of our contractors," Eren said.

Eren said construction business services continue to be an important opportunity for overcoming the global financial crisis, have influenced the Turkish construction sector, and have created more employment for Turkish citizens through the projects financed by other countries' sources abroad.

"For this reason, contractors' problems with letters of guarantee should be resolved. Heavy rules on employment should be relaxed and the problems causing the companies' competitive powers to drop should be solved. Right now, these are the primary issues that should be on the agenda of economy management," he said.

Construction trade magazine ENR conducts a comparative study every year in order to choose the biggest 225 international construction business companies. A year earlier, only 23 Turkish firms were on that list. According to the new list published by ENR on Aug. 27, the number of Turkish firms on the list rose to 31.

The 31 Turkish companies on the list are: Enka, Gama, Ant Yapi, Tekfen, Ronesans, TAV, Nurol, Yuksel, STFA, Baytur, Kayi, Yapi Merkezi, Guris, Yenigun, Polimeks, Kontek, Onur, GAP, Hazinedaroglu, Summa, Makyol, Beta Tek, Rasen, Cengiz, Cukurova, Dogus, Alarko, Eser, Atlas Yapi, Mesa and TML.

"In recent years, Türkiye was third down the list following China and the United States respectively. We are glad to have surpassed the U.S. this year," Eren said.

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